Quotes from students


I wanted to say thank you for your help. Your course was extremely valuable in helping me to establish my business. I learned so many skills that I could put into practice and most of the ideas that I developed during my week at St Martins have really shaped my brand identity.



THANKYOU, you were a great class!




Successful Students on my Fashion Business course Summer 2012

‘Thanks for an inspiring course Lynnette!!’

Autumn Term Design & Marketing students with PASS certificates!! Well Done Guys…














I did find the course very helpful, inspiring and awakening.  As a person returning to work, it helped to provide me with some confidence in my own abilities and also a structure and framework to take my ideas forward.  It has also shown me that there are areas that I need to develop further in order to make my business a success from the outset.

Tamara Hardman
‘How to start your own Fashion Business course’

Lynnette, the preparations for my website, “SIDHU JI” are on full swing and I am going out for exhibitions to different cities. Hopefully by next year i’ll be good to go. Will definitely show it to you before launching because you are one of the most important people who guided me through this.

Regards Sidhutra from India

Thanks Lynnette!  We were a great little group! I also wanted to say another thank you for all you expertise and advice, I really feel I can make a start and hopefully be successful business owner in the near future. I will keep you updated with my progress if anything amazing happens!


 Fashion Business Students with their Certificates. ‘ We were a great little group’ Heather









Dear Lynette, thank you for an amazing class expierience I have learned a lot. I will definitely stay in touch with you.


Many thanks Lynnette. Much appreciated! I will definitively ask for your final advice once I finalize the Business plan.

It has been extremely informative & fun, so again many thanks for that!

Best of luck to everyone and have a great day.


Thanks for all your support & advice…you have inspired me no end!


‘How to Start your own fashion Business’ course



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