A Sample Project Brief


Tutor: Lynnette Murphy


1. Choose from the following options:

  • A Fashion business online
  • A Sportswear Brand
  • A Fashion boutique
  • A Fashion label selling to ‘Indie’ buyers as a wholesaler
  • A catwalk fashion designer 
  • A ‘niche’ brand ( ie: Lingerie) selling online and/or at tradeshows
  • A Fashion service  ( ie: image consultant)
  • A couturier/ Dressmaker/Tailor selling to individual clients
  1. CUSTOMER: who is your customer  in written and/or visual form show ‘customer profile’ What does the customer want? Shown from your own market analysis?
  1. BRAND IDENTITY: What concept are you marketing to your customer?
  1. TRENDS: What trends will you follow or project in first range or collection? OR What will your ‘signature’ statement or ‘look’ be?
  1. COMPETITION: Who are your main competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Where are you positioning yourself?
  1. PRICES: How will you cost your product? Give examples.
  1. MARKETING: What will your strategy be? How will the customer hear about you and how will you keep the customer?
  1. FINANCE: How much will you need to set up? Where will the finance come from? How long before you make a profit?
  1. SWOT: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business?
  2. MANUFACTURE: where will you source fabric, trims and production.


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